For when you have time.

Recently I had the rare opportunity to find myself with plenty of time to spare. I am possibly one of the fortunate of the unfortunate to have more time than I know what to do with.

I got married, finished school and moved back with my parents temporarily, till I can join my husband in the US.  During this time I have asked myself over a million times if it was the right thing to do; to just suddenly take a break from the work/life.  That question has a way of creeping up at the back of my mind whether it is relevant or not, eventually leading to states of complete boredom and frustration.

The thinking had to stop. It’s time to act. Life isn’t work- it’s what we do, just about anything we do is a memoir in our life journal. So instead of leaving the pages blank I wished to fill it up with scribbles, highlighters, mistakes and so on.

If you ever find yourself in a situation similar to mine the first question you ask yourself is “if I were still very busy and was asked about, the one thing I would do if I had time, what would that be?” and that’s a start. Make a list if you can. I did!

The list:

  • Learn about the Second World War (extensively). It was just something I always wanted to know.
  • Pick up some paints and paint just about anything.
  • Do something for the community.
  • Develop a skill.
  • Read books.
  • Download movies (make a list of the ones that influenced me the most)
  • The much needed photo shoot to commemorate my 20’s

To be able to construct your list I have created a flow chart that will help you to go about making your own list in a chronological order.

 New Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation


Hope every page of your life is adventure! Toodles!

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There is always a first time for everything

I’ve found myself making tough choices over the years. Some, that cost me to sacrifice interests that I (now) think define me. I guess we all do that. We try to keep up with our demands from life and acquiring goals while maintaining what we already have. And through it all we lose some and gain some to.
So when I finally got a break from my check list of achievements and to do’s, I thought or finding my way back to the simple things in life – blogging.
Let’s hope I have something go give back.

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